About Us

At Art phones, we have developed a reputation for helping and assisting thousands of UK residents with a less than stellar credit rating snag a mobile phone contract deal. We believe that owning a mobile phone is a right and no one should be denied the right to own one simply because he or she has a poor credit rating. Over the years, we have steadily won the affection of many UK citizens owing to our affordable bad credit mobile phones. We believe that exemplary service delivery is what has informed our meteoritic rise to the top of the food chain as concerns provision of bad credit mobile phones.

Our high acceptance rates coupled with the fact that we treat our customers with the respect they deserve is what has seen us scale the ladders to become one of the most successful bad credit mobile phone providers in UK. We are not only committed to the well being of our customers but also do everything within our power to offer attractive bad credit mobile phone packages. If you are unsure of what package to go for or how to go about application of bad credit mobile phones, we have in place a team of professional customer personnel whose sole responsibility is to ensure that all our customers are well informed prior to applying for a contract.

Our success speaks for itself and this is why we have been able to help thousands of UK residents snag a mobile phone contract for themselves. If you have suffered many rejections in the past, you need to put your disappointments behind you and approach us today for we can assure you the best deals you can imagine!