Are bad credit mobile phones a necessary evil?

Whether we like it or not, we cannot deny the fact that bad credit mobile phone contracts were positively received from the time they were introduced in the UK. Their introduction meant that those with a poor credit rating no longer needed to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds just to get approved. The headaches and nail biting anxious moments that characterized applications of these kinds of contracts became a thing of the past. At last, those with a less than average credit score were assured of an approval without having to go through numerous rejections. However, the burning question has been whether bad credit mobile phones were a necessary evil or not.

Truth be told, the benefits that come with bad credit mobile phones are numerous. The fact that those with a poor credit rating no longer need to worry about credit checks is perhaps one of the biggest merits of bad credit mobile phones. However, on the other hand, high interest rates have been the biggest drawback to bad credit mobile phones. On one hand, getting approved for bad credit mobile phones is no longer a herculean task. A person can simply apply for bad credit mobile contracts from wherever they are online without having to physically visit a brick and mortar office.

These kinds of contracts have also leveled the playing field in the sense that discrimination is now a thing of the past. Before, providers rarely glanced at an application twice if the credit checks determined that a person had a less than average credit score. In fact, a poor credit score provided fodder for outright rejections. Nowadays, the introduction of bad credit mobile contracts has reduced credit checks to merely a standard procedure especially for providers that offer contracts for bad credit.

Additionally, the assumption that paying upfront deposits is mandatory every time one applies for a contract for bad credit is also fallacious considering that there are a number of providers in the UK that actually do not insist on a person paying an upfront deposit. While there are many positives about bad credit mobile contracts, there are also drawbacks associated with them. The most outstanding is of course the fact that they are relatively costly than ordinary mobile contracts.

Providers tend to charge high interest rates because they deem those with a poor credit rating as high risk. The benefits offered in these kinds of contracts also pale in comparison to standard mobile contracts. Most of the time, individuals have to contend with fewer text messages, fewer minutes as well as fewer data bundles. What’s more? You cannot get access to the latest high end phone as providers see that as a very big risk on their side should you default on your payments. As such, you are always allowed access to handsets that were manufactured a long time ago as well as forced to commit to a longer period of time as compared to standard contract deals. In light of the above, we can say without any fear of contradiction that bad credit mobile phones are indeed a necessary evil.