1) What is a bad credit mobile phone contract?

A bad credit mobile phone contract is the kind of contract designed for individuals with a less than average or poor credit rating. It is a contract that anyone who has been perennially been declined a phone contract based on their credit rating can apply and be assured of an approval?

2) What are the eligibility requirements for bad credit mobile phones?

Essentially, the eligibility requirements are quite simple and straight forward. We simply require that you be a person of sound mind, be a resident and citizen of the United kingdom, be employed, working part time or self employed and also be not less than 18 years.

3) What are some of the ways in which I can apply for bad credit mobile phones?

If you are interested in applying for bad credit mobile phones, there are two ways in which you can do it. You can either do it from our brick and mortar offices where one of our customer representatives will help you with the application process or you can do it from wherever you are in the UK online from our website. In fact, applying online is not only convenient but also very simple and fast.

4) How fast do you process applications for bad credit mobile phones?

Generally, we are all about efficiency and giving value to our customers. We understand that our customers do not want to wait on end before they can start using their brand new phones and that is why we fast-track the application process. In essence, the latest you can wait to receive your brand new or refurbished mobile phone is 24 hours.

5) Do you perform credit checks?

Yes. We do perform credit checks because it’s a requirement for all providers in the UK to perform credit checks prior to approval of a mobile phone contract application. However, this need not worry you as we do not use your credit score to decline or reject your application. Actually, we can clearly state without any fear of contradiction that your credit score is not a determinant for the rejection or approval of your application. Most of the time, we use your credit score to hook you up with a better deal.

6) What could inform the rejection of my application?

As we had earlier stated, we can never reject your application for bad credit mobile phones based on your credit score. In fact, we have very high approval ratings. However, there are circumstances under which we might reject your application. Most of the time, the rejection could be as a result of errors of omission and commission on your application in which case you simply rectify and we approve it. Secondly, if you willfully provide Information that is not factual, then we have no choice but to reject your application.

7) Do you also offer refurbished mobile phones?

We believe that our customers have different financial capabilities and that is why we offer both brand new as well as refurbished mobile phones. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose to apply for brand new or refurbished phones.

8) Is it a requirement for me to pay a deposit before I can be approved for bad credit mobile phones?

Yes. Considering the fact that we do not use your credit score as a basis of determining whether we approve or reject your application, we require that you pay a small deposit before we can accept and approve your application. This is simply meant to cushion us and mitigate the risks that come with offering bad credit mobile phones.

9) What is the standard contract commitment period for bad credit mobile phones?

While we have no limitations on the maximum number of months you can be committed for bad credit mobile phones, we require that you be committed for a period not less than 18 months.